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161, Birkby Hall Road
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Rose Hill: A place of beauty and peace

Rose Hill provides a tranquil site for burials and the internment of ashes, in an environmentally sensitive way. We try to keep formalities simple. A single payment for a plot and the peripherals, including all maintenance and security until 2054. Usually just one telephone call to us either by private application or a funeral director is all that is needed to reserve a plot for immediate burial (or pre-book for longer term) or for a cremation remains plot.

A peaceful location

Mature trees, open space and a natural out look, provide an air of peace and serenity.

A grand send off

Large or small, Rose Hill adds a sense of style and gravitas to funerals.


The grounds attract people of all religions and those of none.


Coffin: Single plot

Full size plot for a single coffin


Coffin: Single plot +

Single burial plot with cremation remains for one.


Coffin: Double plot

Plot dug to a double depth, for two coffins.


Cremated: Single plot

Cremated remains quarter plot for one person.


Cremated: Double plot

Cremated remains half plot for two people.


Cremated: Family plot

Cremated remains plot for upto four people.


All prices shown are correct as of August 2015, and are subject to change without notice. Digging charges are subject to conditions and changes.

Ethos of a Natural Burial Ground

Rose Hill Natural Burial Ground is situated in an unspoiled wooded valley, originally park land to Rose Hill Manor and during Victorian times this land was drained providing a flood proof valley and the perfect situation for a natural burial ground today.

We believe that we have created a perfect balance between a cemetery and a natural burial ground, we are unusual in that we have headstones to mark the graves which most natural burial grounds do not. By using green slate horizontal plaques, people can have their names and dates recorded as a living memorial to their loved ones whilst allowing the mowing of the grass which is done weekly during the summer months and when necessary in other seasons.

We take a green approach to the type of coffins used at Rose Hill. These include anything that is biodegradable such as wicker, bamboo, cardboard or softwood - no lead linings please.

Only floral tributes on the graves are encouraged (with cellophane removed) small wreaths set in oasis would be our preferred choice of arrangement as these are more wind proof and provide moisture for the flowers thus lasting longer.

New Graves: All digging to be done by our gardeners - (except when new graves are waiting to settle), planting is allowed until the graves have been turfed.

For health and safety reasons we do not allow tributes made of glass, pottery, plastic or any soft toys.

We ask that customers respect the natural ethos of this burial ground.